Are Lemonade Diet Pills a Scam?
Of course we're interested in the easiest and most effective way to detox and lose weight,
and so nothing is dismissed on the basis that it is too simple, but the diet industry is
overwhelmed by false claims and ineffective products precisely because we're willing to
believe such claims.

The Lemonade Diet has a 70 year track record as a colon cleanser, detoxifier and weight
loss regimen, and it's useful to understand why it works as it does. When we understand,
it's clear why it can't possibly be packaged into a pill. There's actually no relationship at
all between the lemonade diet, and what is packaged and sold as the lemonade diet in
pill form.

The lemonade diet is first and foremost a liquid diet to remove plaque from the walls of
the digestive system so that the system through which your body processes everything
you consume can function properly. This is accomplished in a multitude of ways:

1) No solid food is consumed so that the digestive tract is not required to break down
complex solid foods during the cleanse. The nutrients are provided in liquid form and are
easily and quickly absorbed through the intestine walls.

2) The active enzymes in the (fresh) lemons help to loosen the plaque from the intestine
walls while the pepper is used to wash out the mucus released by the cleanse.

3) The salt water flush is used to flush out the entire digestive tract without being
absorbed. The sea salt water cannot be absorbed through the intestine walls and will
therefore be quickly carried through the system, taking months or years of built up waste
along with it. A natural laxative is also used to promote elimination.

4) As the diet is all natural and ideally organic, the digestive system, kidneys and liver
are not required to process any toxins during the diet, and built up toxins in the tissues of
the entire body naturally begin to release what is deposited there during a 'normal' diet
which is typically replete with such toxins.

1) Obviously, a pill cannot supply all the required nutrients (and it doesn't try to) so it is
really just a supplement to your regular solid food diet. The colon is still busy breaking
down solid food.

2) If there is any lemon in the pills, the enzymes that the lemonade diet uses to loosen
colon plaque are quite dead, and so it seems pointless to include them. If there is any
pepper at all in the pills, there's no reason to believe there is any mucus for it to wash
out, so it also seems pointless.

3) There is clearly no salt water flush involved, and it's not clear if there is an effective
laxative in the pill.

4)Unless you change your diet while taking the pill, you're still processing toxins INTO
your body rather than releasing them FROM your body.

As for weight loss, the lemonade diet promotes this by dissolving and eliminating fatty
tissue throughout the body, by eliminating fat intake during the cleanse as well as a
probable reduced caloric intake, but the actual cleansing process described above must
occur for that to happen.  It's not going to happen by supplementing the food diet that
produced that weight gain.

The lemonade diet is one of those rare diets that is not based on hype and empty
promises, and some of us appreciate that fact and would prefer that the name not be
thrown into disrepute and used as a selling point for a product that is in no way related.

Phil Beaumont
The Lemonade Diet
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