'The Master Cleanser' booklet by Stanley Burroughs, has full details of how to break off the Lemonade Diet ,
but from experience we know the importance of following directions very carefully. I'm simplifying the
instructions by breaking the days into a chart, but please read the book.

Mr. Burroughs emphasizes the importance of following directions very carefully to prepare your body for
normal eating. Serious reactions can occur if directions are not followed.
Day 3

Don't you feel great? Today
you start the day with:

Orange Juice
at noon, you may have:
Last night's vegetable Soup.

For Dinner:

  • Vegetables, any type.
  • Salad
  • Fruit

Meat, Coffee and milk products
are to be avoided. Milk can
cause complications in the
stomach and colon.

See the Master Cleanser Book;
Page 26.
Day 2

More than juices! The same as day
one, drink several glasses of:

  • Orange Juice.
Water is also recommended, but the
second day you can have for your
evening meal:

  • A light vegetable Soup.
    (make enough for 2 days.)
  • 1/2 Rye Wafers
This is strictly a vegetarian soup.
For vegetarian soup recipes see:

Remember you can always have
herbal teas during the day. Tea is
soothing and relaxing. For herbal
teas benefits see:
Day 1

You are still on a liquid diet. It is
recommended that the first day
you drink several glasses of:

  • Orange Juice.
Water is recommended, you may   
mix 1/2 water and 1/2 O.J.

Drink Slowly
(Don't over do it with the orange
juice, each glass has aprox. 120

The orange juice prepares the
digestive system to properly digest
and assimilate regular food.
How to change our eating habits?

The hardest part after the lemonade diet/master cleanser diet is not regaining
your lost weight. Most of us, go back to old eating habits; the same habits
that made us overweight and unhealthy in the first place. Now, the logical
move is to change those habits to a new way of eating, in a healthy and
measured way. The Lemonade Diet, needs to become 'a way of life' not only
because its a natural appetite suppressant, it also keeps our bodies
detoxified, healthy and energetic, simply said...the solution to a healthier and
slimmer you!

Stage 2, Suggestions:

As mentioned above your day 4th starts with juice, soup, salad and fruits,
this doesn't mean that on day 5, you'll back to your old calorie intake. What
needs to change:

Your calorie intake should stay at about 1500 calories per day. It can easily
be done, by choosing low calorie foods that are compatible with our taste and
cooking styles.
  • Try to skip coffee, you are not used to herbal teas, try to continue
    your habit of mint and natural flavored teas.
  • Orange juice is recommended, but don't over do it, a glass of orange
    juice has 120 calories per 8oz. glass. I suggest V-8 Splash, which has
    diet juices with only 10 calories per 8oz. glass.
(not endorsing products, just giving you my experiences as ideas for a change
in habits.)

  • Are you a soda drinker? I was, but now I replaced the sweet taste of
    sodas with Naturally Flavored Sparkling water, labeled 'Clear Choice'
    its sodium/calorie/caffeine free.
  • Do you need a dessert? Keep always in refrigerator 'Sugar Free
    Gelatin' (10 calories per serving.) not very exciting, but a good way
    to satisfy your desire for something sweet, or a mid-night snack.
  • Soups? Prepare vegetable soups ahead of time, keep in the freezer
    for lunch or dinner time. Less temptation if you don't have to wait
    for your meal to cook. I discovered a delicious line of Organic
    Vegetable Cream Soups, labeled 'Imagine' they are low fat, vegetarian
    and non-dairy, check their website: Imagine
  • Bread? Whole-wheat, and natural grain breads. Always check the
    calories per serving, 10-20 less calories makes a difference at the end
    of the day.
  • Fruit and vegetables: Learn about Fruit and Vegetables.
  • Suggestion: Supermarket's Deli Foods, some supermarkets have great
    deli salads that are low in calories, and make a delicious side dish. I
    personally enjoy the beet salad, carrot salad, mix greens, and bean
    salads, tabolue; it saves me from buying separate ingredients for my
    personal meals.
  • Ice Cream? Buy low fat frozen yogurt, ice milk, sherbet, always
    check different manufacturers for lower calories. Every little bit
  • Meat? Difficult if you are not a vegetarian, try to consume meat less
    than two/three times a week. Low-fat chicken or turkey (white meat
    without skin), fresh or frozen fish, lean meat trimmed of all fat,
    water-packed canned tuna.
  • Sugar & Salt: Try to replace sugar with a little of the maple syrup,
    you are used to the taste by now.
  • Salt, buy low sodium salt or salt substitute. Salt retains water and
    raises your blood pressure.
Suggestions from personal experience and
other 'expert' MC followers. Stages to our
new way of life:

follow the diet in stages of 7-10 days

Stage 2
Continue a modified diet of lemonade and light
eating for aprox. 10-15 days.

Stage 3
Do the lemonade diet for another 7-10 days

Why this way? Because the body adjusts the
metabolism to a low calorie intake, if you go
back to your old eating habits, the body now
accustomed to a low calorie intake, will react
by adding back those pounds at an even faster
rate. Yes...you'll gain it all back... Now,
consider 'stage 2' your new way of life. As
your weight stabilizes you can stretch 'stage 2'
to 30 days, 45 days, and so on...

Count calories, its the only way to be aware
of how many calories is your stabilization

Calorie counter, checks calories for most
If, you see that you are gaining weight again,
skip lunch and replace with the lemonade. To
loose 1 to 1-1/2lbs a week you need to stay
below 1200 cals.

Coming off the Lemonade Diet / Master Cleanser
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