Natrol Acai Extract-1000 mg-60 Caps
60 Vegetarian Capsule, Potency: 1000 Milligrams. Powerful antioxidant capacity. Rainforest grown. Acai, a dark purple berry indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, is a nutritious and powerful fruit, valued for its rich nutrients. With a high ORAC (oxygen-radical absorbance capacity) value - twice that of blueberries - Acai could be considered the berry of choice for good health.
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Note: Acai is being offered all over the Internet, please make sure that you are buying a
Vegetarian Product packed by a reputable pharmaceutical company, as the one being
offered here.
Source Naturals Hoodia Liquid Extract -- 2 fl oz
2 fl oz Hoodia Gordonii Extract (1:4) 500 mg FREE of: Yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy, wheat, sugar, starch, salt, artificial color, flavor or fragrance
When comparing prices, be sure you don't mistake the 1oz
bottle for the 2oz bottle. The pictures look the same!
Recommended as an appetite suppressant. You may add a few drops to
your tea/lemonade/water to help you in your commitment to lose weight.
The history of Hoodia goes back to  1937, when a Dutch anthropologist studying the San Bushmen noted that they used hoodia
gordonii to suppress appetite. Much of the hype about hoodia started after 60 Minutes correspondent Leslie Stahl and crew traveled
to Africa to try hoodia. They hired a local Bushman to go with them into the desert and track down some hoodia. Stahl ate it,
describing it as "cucumbery in texture, but not bad." She reported that she lost the desire to eat or drink the entire day. She also said
she didn't experience any immediate side effects, such as indigestion or heart palpitations.
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