Sea Salt
Sea Salt - Premium all natural Weight: 7oz. Unodized Table Grind non-irradiated
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Tongue Cleaner
Help relieve one of the symptoms of the Master Cleanse! As the body releases toxins, your tongue becomes coated, sometimes causing bad breath. A tongue Cleaner is recommended as Clinical studies have demonstrated that odor-causing bacteria build-up on the tongue is a prime cause of bad breath and a potential contributor to other oral health problems such as periodontal disease. Especially during sleep, the tongue is coated with a plaque film of bacteria and other odor causing compounds. Remove the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms with mouthwash and breath aids. Effectively cleaning the tongue is as essential as flossing and brushing your teeth to maintain fresh breath and a healthy mouth and gums. Tongue cleaning only takes a few seconds and it dramatically improves your oral health. Youíll be amazed at how quick and easy The Tongue Cleaner is to use. Once you have used it for a few days, you wonít be without it. The Tongue Cleaner is made in the USA from FDA approved bio-compatible material that is both safe and durable. We do not use metal, which can be harsh on the tongue, or inexpensive plastic, which requires constant replacement and may be unhealthy. This is a medical grade device that is built to last. Assorted Colors, color may vary.
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Cinnamon Powder - Certified Organic 1.06oz
1.6oz Pouch: Organic Cinnammon: In recent years scientists have discovered that cinnamon extract has strong antioxidant activity and has the potential to help maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The researchers concluded that the inclusion of cinnamon in the diet: *can have favorable effects on brain function and memory *soothes the stomach, and may help prevent ulcers *suppresses the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections and the fungus associated with yeast infections *reduces cholesterol levels Ė in particular, lowering bad cholesterol while leaving good cholesterol the same *Of particular interest is cinnamonís ability to reduce blood sugar, and increase insulin levels, results which were documented in a respected diabetes journal. It is cinnamonís effect on blood sugar that makes it a potential help in the war against obesity, insulin resistance, sometimes known as "prediabetes," and the "Metabolic Syndrome."
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Crystal Deodorant -  Natural Mineral Salts -Hypoallergenic
Crystal Deodorant - Boxed 3oz. Natural Mineral Salts. To unlock the protective power of the amazing crystal, simply Moisten the Stone and apply, it forms a protective barrier against odor causing bacteria. Wonderful also for foot odor problems! Last up to one year. No harmful chemicals, perfumes, propellants, non-staining, hypoallergenic. Included scallop shell dish. Made in Thailand.
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Pure Touch Skin Care - Tush Wipes
The perfect solution for master cleanse followers. TLC for your tush, when relief is needed from soreness caused by repeated bowel movements. Each Tush Wipe contains natural aloe vera & Vitamin E to leave you feeling fresh and clean. Alcohol free. Biodegradable. Safe for sewer and septic systems. 12 individual moist wipes
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Breath Asure
MintAsure is the capsule you swallow to eliminate bad breath odors. The high powered mint coating gives you an immediate burst of freshenss right away, and together with the capsule containing parsley seed oil it provides a long lasting effect. An aid to your Master Cleanse to prevent detox odors when in public or as needed.
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The Master Cleanser Book by Stanley Burroughs 50 page booklet Quoting from the book, page 16: When to use it? *When sickness has developed *When the digestive system needs a rest and a cleansing *When overweight has become a problem *When better assimilation and building of body tissue is needed.
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