Is the Lemonade Diet a reducing diet?
The diet is a 'cleansing diet' but it has the added
benefit of being an optimal
'reducing diet'

Will I feel hungry?
As this is a complete balance of minerals and
vitamins, you will not suffer from hunger pangs.

What if I feel hungry?
The lemonade diet is a true 'appetite
suppressant', but when you feel hungry, drink a
little of the lemonade. On a personal note, I
usually keep a thermo with lemonade for those
moments of weakness... a small sip of the
lemonade reminds me of how wonderful I now

Will I feel sick during the lemonade diet?
You may feel a stirring in your system for the
first two-three days, but this is the result of
toxins circulating in your blood stream as the
body goes through its first stages of the
cleanse. Keep right on the diet! don't
.You can do it! after the third day, your
energy will increase and you will start seeing the

How much can I expect to loose?
Average weight lost is about 1-1/2 pounds a
day. (For those overweight less maple is

How many days should I follow the diet?
It is suggested that your follow the diet for 10

What is the optimal number of days?
Most followers find a 7 to 12 days enough to
obtain full benefits.

How often can I do the diet?
Three to four times a year will do wonders to
keep the body healthy and fit.

I'm overweight, can I do the diet more often?
Yes, you may break the diet in stages, such as
doing 10-12 days, following with a month of
drinking the lemonade during the day, and
finishing with a light evening meal, and then
going back to a full diet for another 10-12 days.

Does the diet supply the nutrients necessary for
the body?
Yes, the lemons and limes provides the richest
source of minerals and vitamins of any food.
Maple has a large variety of minerals and
vitamins, and the Cayenne adds many of the B
and C Vitamins. The lemonade diet is food in
liquid form.

Do I need to add the Cayenne?
Yes, adding the cayenne pepper to the
lemonade is necessary as it breaks up mucus
and increases warmth by building the blood for
additional energy.

Spring Water or Distilled Water?
You can use either one. Distilled water is the
purest form of water, but sometimes is
questioned due to a great deal of

How much should I drink?
Take 6 - 10 glasses of lemonade during the day.
Six (6) glasses for those wishing to reduce. Extra
water may be taken as desired.

Can I also use limes?
Yes, you may use limes, but never vary the
amount of lemon/lime juice per glass.

Can I use any type of Maple Syrup?
You need to use genuine maple syrup. (not
maple flavored maple sugar syrup) The mineral
and vitamin content of the maple syrup vary
according to the area where the trees grow and
the mineral content of the soil. The
recommended syrup needs to be
'formaldehyde-free organic maple syrup, as
offered in our
Lemonade Diet Kits.

Can I replace the maple with honey?
You may not! (read warning about honey, page
18 of the 'The Master Cleanser' booklet referred
as 'MCB')

Should I take vitamins?
It is suggested not to take vitamins. The
lemonade provides all the vitamins and minerals
needed. (Read pages 22/23: MCB')
Do I need to take the Laxative?
As this is a cleansing diet, you need to help Nature to
eliminate poisons. It is suggested by the Lemonade
Diet to take the a Laxative Herb Tea both morning
and evening. You need to have 2/3 or more
movements a day, this step is needed to remove
toxins loosened by the lemon juice cleanse. As
laxatives are additive and somewhat harmful to the
system, we suggest to use Triphala as an alternative
in the morning to the herbal laxative. Read Dr. Weils'
article about laxatives.

What about enemas, are they suggested during the
Quoting from the MCB page 21'Do not take enemas
or colonics at any time during the cleansing diet or
afterwards. They are unnecessary and can be
extremely harmful' See also Dr. Weils' article about
enemas. Stanley Burroughs recommends the Salt
Water Bathing as a way of a cleaning the colon.

What is the Salt Water Flush/Bathing?
This is the method for cleaning the colonic tract
without harmful effects of colonics and enemas. It is
prepared with uniodized sea salt, and taken in and
empty stomach in the morning.

Should I take the Herbal Laxative together with the
Salt Water Bathing:
No, one or the other.

What reaction can I expect from the Salt Water
The salt and water will quickly and thoroughly wash
the entire tract in about one hour. Several
eliminations will likely occur. Give yourself at least
and hour and a half before going out.

How often can I do the SWB?
You may take as often as needed for proper washing
of the entire digestive system.

What can I do about cramping from the laxative?
Mild cramping is normal, but try changing to a
different laxative. The one being offer in our
Lemonade Diet Kits contains additional digestive
support with different herbs to ease discomfort and
reduce cramping. You could also add a peppermint
tea bag to your herbal laxative, this really helps!

My tongue feels fuzzy and my breath does not feel
fresh, what can I do?
This is a reaction as the body is experiencing a
change by eliminating toxins. Your tongue will start
clearing and will turn a healthy pink as your cleansing
progresses. Mint tea may be used occasionally
during the diet. The chlorophyll in mint tea helps as a
purifier, neutralizing mouth and body odors that are
released during the cleansing period.

My skin feels dry, why?
Once again this is due to the changes your body is
experiencing. Pamper yourself! a hot herbal bath with
emollient oils will do wonders.

I'm getting back pains, why?
This needs a medical answer, but back pain is a sign
of dehydration; increase your water intake. Some
people known to have kidney stones have
experienced passing the stones during the lemonade
diet cleanse.

What to do with a headache?
Difficult question! When dieting a slight headache
indicates dehydration and low blood sugar; drink a
glass of water mixed with a 1/2 tsp of Maple Syrup.If,
you are a coffee or soda drinker, then most likely its
caffeine withdrawl. It should go away after the 2nd

How do I end the diet?
Ending the diet properly is highly important, please
'coming off the diet' and read The Master
Cleanse pages 25-27, follow the directions very
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