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Lemonade Diet Calorie

Understanding Food

Dieting Myths

Is the Lemonade Diet a
Fad Diet? Setting the
record straight.

Are Lemonade Diet
Pills a Scam?

What's New!

Demi Moore and
Ashton Kutcher on the
Master Cleanse

The Lemonade Diet has long
been used in Hollywood as a
way to shed some unwanted
pounds quickly--though
Moore claims that's not why
she's doing it. "This is about
health!!!" she tweeted to a
Beyoncé famously dropped
20 lbs. on the Cleanse when
she was slimming down for
her role in 'Dreamgirls.'
Naomi Campbell, Josh
Brolin, and other celebrities
are also fans.

Replacement Kit

We just added a  kit for those
for those who don't need the
booklet or brochure. We
already had the lowest prices
on the net, but now you can
save a few more bucks.
lemonade diet forum
The LemonadeDiet Coupons on tjoos.com
TheLemonadeDiet.com pioneered the Lemonade Diet Kit in 2004, providing you with
the best ingredients at the lowest price on the net. Our Lemonade Diet Kits follow the
plan outlined in Stanley Burrough's 'The Master Cleanser', which has been helping
folks lose weight and regain  vitality for 70 years, and for one very good reason ....IT
WORKS! We've assembled kits with everything you need, and with
free Priority
in the US for all kits. (Discounted shipping for non-US orders.)
The The Lemonade Diet was created by the late Naturopath Stanley Burroughs. Strictly
speaking, it's not a fast but a liquid-diet detox/cleanse. The
mental craving for food
passes quickly, and while toxins may be 'stirred up' temporarily, they also will pass out
of the body quickly. The syrup provides all the nutrition you need, along with an
adequate supply of calories that you can tailor to your particular needs and intentions,
and so the Lemonade Diet / Master Cleanser is not a starvation diet. The liquid diet
gives the digestive system a rest, since it does not need to digest solid food, and
begins the process of loosening plaque from the digestive tract and eliminating toxins
that have built up throughout the body due to improper diet, lack of exercise and
negative mental attitudes.

As a reducing diet it is superior in every way, reducing at a rate of about two pounds a
day for most persons, without harmful side effects. How much weight is lost will be
greatly determined by how much syrup is used, but the detoxification will happen
regardless. Those with chronic illnesses have the potential for tremendous benefit as
Mr Burroughs proved repeatedly over 35 years that toxicity is the cause of ALL illness.

"When we finally become sick of being sick, then we are ready to learn the
truth and the truth shall set us free."
Stanley Burroughs

You can find the original booklet by Stanley Burroughs here, and we highly recommend
reading it before you start your master cleanser. While the booklet includes the recipe,
you can also find it
here, as well as a frequently asked questions page here. If you
purchase a lemonade diet kit from us, the booklet is included, along with a brochure
with easy to follow step by step instructions and tips for success.

Basically, you'll be juicing fresh lemons (organic if possible) and mixing it in purified
water with maple syrup and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Once you begin the lemonade
diet /master cleanser, this is the only food that you will consume and no solid food is to
be eaten for the duration of the cleanse, which is ideally 10 days. However, it's perfectly
safe to continue on the diet as long as you wish unless you have special health
concerns, in which case we encourage you to consult your physician before beginning
the fast. Many have expressed an interest in a shorter cleanse duration, and so we also
sell 5 to 10 day kits. While this is not optimal for an effective cleanse, it will result in
some weight loss.

In addition to the lemonade, you will also be doing a salt water flush to encourage
loosening and elimination of plaque on the walls of the intestines. Even though you are
not consuming solid food, you will continue to eliminate solid waste throughout the 10
day cleanse, in particular if you have not done the cleanse before. This is the waste
material that may have built up over a period of years on the walls of your intestines. If
required in order to promote proper elimination, you can use an herbal laxative instead
of the saltwater flush as needed. You'll also find the correct sea salt and most effective
herbal laxative included in all of our
lemonade diet kits.

You are also encouraged to visit our forum where our knowledgeable moderator will
answer your questions and provide all the guidance and encouragement you need to
succeed. If you've been looking around a bit and find yourself confused by some of the
contradictory information and new products trying to sell on the success of the
lemonade diet, you might be interested in these slightly irreverent articles on the
diet claims and lemonade diet pills.

Wishing you good health and wellness,
The Lemonade Diet Team.
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